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Crystal Bowl Meditation
Crystal Bowls work on a molecular level with the chakra systems of the body.  I have 8 crystal bowls that represent the following chakras:  Root, Abdominal, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Minds Eye's and Crown.  I also have brass bowls that I play while playing the crystal bowls.  I offer a gentle stretch at the beginning of the workshop, play bowls for approximately 50 minutes, offer a silent meditation, followed by a quiet guided meditation and slow awakening at the end of the workshop.  I also offer an extended Crystal Bowl Meditation with a guided chakra meditation at the beginning of the workshop.

At the end, I offer the chanting of OM as we allow the energy to reverberate.

Advanced Yin Yoga
Yoga for Chakras
Meditation Teacher Training
Adding Yin Yoga to your regular practice can help with flexibility and stress relief.  In this class we work with compression and tension as taught by Paul Grilley to get into the connective tissues of the body and stimulate merdians of the body.  In the 90 minute version, I offer a regular Yin Yoga class with a half hour of bowls to go along with the practice.  Students are allowed to use props to help ease them into the poses for optimum stability.

In the advanced, Master class, I offer 2 hours of full Yin Yoga where the poses are held a little longer without props.  Blankets are allowed for anyone with knee issues.  It is advised for the master class that students have at least 3-6 months yin yoga experience.  This class is open to yoga teachers also for them to gain 2 CEUs for YA credentials.

In this workshop, I go through each of the chakras and provide an information pamphlet for the students about each of the chakras, which include poses that can be used to stimulate and energize the chakras.  I break each chakra down and provide 4-5 poses, starting at the root, working all the way up to the crown.  Each pose is actively practiced while I explain the benefits and how they work.  I also provide physicality of the chakra, the element, color, mantra and provide examples on how that chakra can become stagnant.  This is a 90 minute class with bowls provided for meditation at the end of class.
This is a 5 hour program geared towards the certification of yoga teachers or holistic practitioners who want to incorporate guided meditation into their practices.  I also use the chakra system in this teacher training program and offer 5 CEUs and a certification through Yoga Alliance.   I provide a workbook for the teachers and provide practical applications of the meditation.  

I teach guided meditation techniques that can be used for chakras or broken down to one chakra at a time.  I teach a 61 point Marma meditation that starts at the crown of the head, down to the toes and back up, touching upon energy points in the body.

Yin Yoga and Crystal Bowl Meditation

This is a 1 1/2 hour class that is Yin Yoga and Crystal Bowl Meditation.  We spend the first hour of the class practicing Yin Yoga poses and the last half hour is complete resting with me playing the bowls.  I stick to basic poses for Yin which is perfectly fine for beginners or more advanced students.  It is a nice workshop to introduce people to Yin Yoga who may not otherwise know what the practice is or have yet to take a yin class even if they have been practicing yoga for a while.