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Complement your message therapy experience with Orlando yoga classes. Taught by certified instructors, our yoga classes in Orlando focus on a variety of styles for beginners and advanced practitioners.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of scents, often in the forms of essential oils distilled from herbs and flowers, to heal or soothe some part of the body or mind. 

How is Aromatherapy used?

The essential oils are applied to areas of the body where there are pressure and energy points allowing the body to absorb the oils.  All oils are completely natural and extracted from plants, flowers and herbs.

What can Aromatherapy Treat?

Many people use aromatherapy to manage stress and the symptoms of stress, including high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. Certain scents and oils are used for different purposes. Examples include: Citrus scents can be used for energy and floral scents can be used for calming and stress relief. Some oils are used to treat areas of pain.

To Book a Private Aromatherapy Session, please call 407-620-0479 or email

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Aromatherapy Prices:

15 Minute De-Stress:  $10

30 Minute Session:  $20

60 Minute Session with Meditation: $50
All sessions can be done in the home, office or any location of your choice, including my own personal space in Oviedo.  Clients can remain fully clothed for the aromatherapy session and specific areas of the body can be targeted for pain.  I will provide all oils.