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Welcome to YogaFix Orlando!

YogaFix Orlando offers private yoga and meditation personalized for your needs.

Lisa McDonald, RYT will customize private lessons will help you learn and grow through your practice, be it advanced or beginners.  
Private Yoga 60 Minutes - $60
Private Yoga 30 Minutes - $30
Private Meditation 60 Minutes - $60
Private Meditation 30 Minutes - $30
Crystal Bowl Meditation 60 Minutes - $65
Crystal Bowl Meditation 30 Minutes - $35

Private Group Class - $50 (3-5)
Group over 5 is $10 per person $50 minimum
Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety in your life.  Through the practice of breathing, physical asana practice and guided meditation, yoga can bring an overall feeling of 'oneness' to the body and mind.   Yoga can also be used to relieve pain in the body, stretch the muscles and connective tissues and bring flexibility through practice.

"I'm not flexible" is the most common thing heard to avoid yoga, but it's the perfect reason to practice!  You don't have to be flexible as that will come in time.  Through gentle and professional guidance, yoga can be a safe and fun way to physically exercise without having to 'burn the calories' to feel good again.  

You deserve this!
Private Yoga/Meditation
Your health is important.  Many people are seeking alternative methods for healing the body and yoga is a safe practice that, through private instruction, can be tailored to your needs.  Lisa incorporates breath, movement and meditation, from gentle beginners, to advanced.  Lisa can offer a chair yoga practice for anyone with limited mobility.  

For safety considerations, all private yoga lessons will be held at Project 7 Yoga in Orlando.
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